Who We Are

Fight Back SA is a Registered NPO (NPO 239-623) focused on the empowerment of young women and children residing in high risk and crime-ridden areas within South Africa. We believe that by empowering young women and children through the provision of free self-defense classes, we are able to provide the resources necessary in enabling our young women and children to defend themselves against situations in which they are at their most vulnerable.


Bronte Intimates

We have partnered with an incredible designer in order to provide women with beautiful bralettes which sponsor our classes. If you'd like to order a custom bralette please click the button below to be redirected to the Bronte Intimates Website.

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  • Our Vision

    Fight Back SA has been running for 4 years with the aim to have teams across South Africa to teach self defense to their respective provinces. To date we are up and running in 6 of these 9 provinces. Our aim is to complete all the provinces and grow our teams so that every woman in South Africa has the tools to defend herself against someone who would want to harm her or her children.

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  • Corporate Workshops

    We have a sponsorship option where one can sponsor a workshop for the women in their workplace and sponsor a sister workshop in a rural community at the same time. Send us an email if you'd like to view the sponsorship tier options for your business or workplace.

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  • Kuros Pepper Sprays

    We have partnered with Kuros, in the USA to supply and empower our women with free pepper sprays in every workshop that we do. These pepper sprays are used as deterrent mechanisms which have saved countless lives.

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  • TrueKrav Cape Town

    Truekrav Cape Town has created a curriculum which we teach across South Africa. The training is focused on the art of Krav Maga in a South African 'street' context. It prepares people with zero experience to do the most damage and win a fight as quickly as possible. Truekrav provides FREE training to all our trainers which in turn go out to train the women across South Africa.

    TrueKrav Website 
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